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Vitiligo is a condition where your skin loses melanin, the shade that decides the shade of your skin. Vitiligo is an auto-resistant illness where the individual's own safe framework begins going after the shade delivering cells.


It ordinarily influences 1-2% of the populace. Vitiligo generally begins as little areas of shade misfortune that might spread and expand with time.


While still generally obscure, there are different hypotheses which have been advanced by specialists. The most acknowledged hypotheses are Autoimmunity, Autocytotoxicity, Neural, and Genetic.


VS Laser Care Clinic puts stock in itemized conferences for skin conditions. Vitiligo treatment is an excursion and the patient necessities to figure out this. We give:

  1.   Precise data about Vitiligo/Leukoderma.
  2.  Circle back to body outlines and ongoing photos
  3.  Survey and do expound examinations with the goal that we don't miss on even the moment subtleties.
  4. Tweak treatment according to individual patient.
  5.  To answer all questions of patients and their family members.

We distribute adequate time for a troublesome condition, for example, Vitiligo that requires sharp consideration. Every one of our patients are apparently very much informed about the condition and treatment choices. We have a tremendous rundown of effectively treated Vitiligo patients who presently share an extremely heartfelt connection with us.